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CLASSIC JUPITER 2--- Built From Scratch
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This is not a typical Jupiter 2 model such as the one from Polar lights or Luner models. This ship was built from
scratch and once you get a good look at it you'll see what I mean. The materials used were wood, masonite, fiberglass, plastic, plexiglass and paint, and it was assembled with
fast drying appoxy. It took at least 3 months to build not to mention all those weeks of research which included drawings after drawings plus scanning through the first five
episodes of the first season of the 60's TV show.

For details and background of this model, go to 'History/background' page.

In the picture above is the diagram of the 24 inch model

24 inch Jupiter 2

IT'S FINALY HERE! The new 24 inch Jupiter 2 built from scratch Scaled at 84 feet. The link above will take you to the first stage of construction of this updated model. As new updates continue to come in you'll see this ship come together
piece by piece and with a few modefications it will look
more like the original one on the 60's TV series.

NEW UPDATE --- 12/25/03 Page 11

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